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Open Source Software

At The Adept Traveler, our commitment extends beyond creating exceptional travel experiences to embracing the ethos of open source software. We firmly believe in the power of collaborative innovation and actively contribute to the open source community by sharing the software we develop in our quest for travel excellence. This dedication is rooted in our belief that progress flourishes in a culture of openness, collaboration, and shared knowledge. By releasing our code to the public, we not only enhance our own services but also empower developers and companies worldwide. Our engagement in the open source ecosystem reflects our dual role as beneficiaries and contributors, fostering a symbiotic relationship that propels both our mission and the broader technological landscape forward.

At The Adept Traveler, our allegiance to the open-source ethos is further exemplified by our choice of the BSD 3-Clause License for all our software releases. This particular license is celebrated for its remarkable openness and minimal restrictions, mirroring our own principles of freedom and collaboration in software development. By adopting the BSD 3-Clause License, we ensure that our code can be freely used, modified, and distributed, thereby fostering an environment of unfettered innovation and sharing. This license choice not only aligns seamlessly with our core values but also embodies the spirit of the broader open-source community, facilitating a seamless integration of our contributions into a myriad of projects and initiatives. In this way, The Adept Traveler not only advances its own technological pursuits but also actively supports and nurtures the collaborative fabric of the open-source ecosystem.

All our code is available on GitHub, our projects include:


Shell Scripts

  • DNSSEC - A tcsh shell script to simplify the process of generating certs/keys/ds files and to sign NSD zones on FreeBSD.



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