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Travel News: Flying with Autism, Oceania's new Itineraries, and a U.S. Pilot Strike

In Travel News for November 1st, 2022 we talk about flying with Autism, Oceania’s new itineraries for 2024 - 2025, and a possible U.S. pilot Strike.

Delta Improves Travel for those with Austim

Traveling with a disability can be difficult, especially if it’s a non-visible cognitive disability such as Autism.  Within the United States many airlines have been working with the Transportation Security Administration to make flights more accessible.  To this end Delta Air Lines has recently released an array of resources for travelers with autism.  Some of the  ways the airline is working to improve the experience is by offering sensory rooms in Atlanta and New York, and familiarization Tours at airports in Atlanta and Minneapolis.  The familiarization tours allow for people with Autism to practice navigating an airport in a hands on environment to better prepare for future travel.    If you’re traveling with a disability it’s best to use a Travel Advisor that specializes in Accessible Travel such as The Adept Traveler, or to call the airline or supplier directly to better understand what services are available to you.

Oceania Released 2024 - 2025 Itineraries

Oceania Cruises, a world leader of cultural, culinary, and destination cruises has released their 
‘Tropics and Exotics Collection’ of itineraries for 2024 through 2025.  This collection includes 157 voyages that range from 7 days to 200 days and span across seven continents.   In this collection is expanded destination immersion across a wider variety of voyages with a singular destination focus such as the Amazon, the Arabian Peninsula, Australia, the Costal Villages of Brazil, Japan, and more.  Personally I am very excited about these itineraries, I love booking clients on Oceania they provide an excellent experience that is hard to find anywhere else.  If you’d like to know more about Oceania give us or your Travel Advisor a call.

Delta Pilots Vote to Strike

Delta Pilots have recently voted to authorize their union, the Air Line Pilots Association, to Strike.  This doesn’t mean a strike is imminent, under the Railway Labor Act Delta pilots would not be able to strike until the National Mediation Board was to decide that continued mediation would be ineffective.  The next step would be arbitration, then if either party were to decline arbitration the pilots union would then need to wait 30 days before a strike could begin.  This means that a strike, if one were to occur, wouldn’t happen for at least 1 month.  Since the process is still ongoing a strike in 2022 is unlikely.  In fact, most strike authorization votes by unions representing workers in the airline industry rarely result in a strike.