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Unveiling the Future of Travel: Electric Air Taxis, Space Tourism, and Rome's Ancient Temples

In travel news for June 22, 2023 we talk about United Airlines electronic vertical takeoff and landing aircraft to be used as taxis to and from airports, Virgin Galactic is finally going to start taking travelers into space, and Rome opens the very site where Julius Caesar was murdered. 

A Green Revolution in Commuting: United Airlines and Eve Air Mobility to Pioneer Electric Air Taxis in San Francisco Bay Area

In a significant advancement in sustainable commuting, United Airlines and Eve Air Mobility are set to introduce electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft in the San Francisco Bay Area, California by 2026. This venture is part of United's larger project to revolutionize urban commuting using air taxis. Prior to this, United, in partnership with Archer Aviation, had announced their first air taxi route to be between New York's Manhattan and Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey, with operations starting in 2025. United Airlines demonstrated its commitment to electric air mobility through substantial financial investments in Eve Air Mobility and Archer Aviation.

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Space Tourism Takes a Giant Leap: Virgin Galactic Sets the Stage for Commercial Spaceflights

Virgin Galactic is set to launch commercial flights to the edge of space starting August. This announcement comes after the planned research flight at the end of June in association with the Italian Air Force and the National Research Centre of Italy. Those who have waited for over a decade to experience space travel will finally get their chance, with the first of these flights scheduled for early August. Virgin Galactic has been working tirelessly to make commercial space travel possible and won federal government approval for it in 2021. The company has already sold approximately 800 tickets for these flights, heralding a new era in Space Tourism.

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Roman History Unearthed: Sacred Temples Opened for Tourists in Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy, is set to open four ancient temples to tourists, including the site of Julius Caesar's assassination. These temples, located in the "Sacred Area" of Largo Argentina, date back to the third century B.C. The opening of these temples has been partially financed by the luxury jeweler Bulgari, which has helped establish accessible walkways and lighting. The site encompasses four temples dedicated to different goddesses and Pompey's Curia, the hall where Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 B.C. The temples were rediscovered in the late 1920s and are described as some of the best-preserved remains of the Roman Republic.

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