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AmaWaterways Expands 'Latin Touch' Danube Cruises for 2024

In travel news for September 20, 2023 we talk about AmaWaterways adds sailings to their popular ‘Latin Touch’ itineraries.

Responding to increasing demand, AmaWaterways has recently announced an additional 2024 date for its specialized "Latin Touch" itineraries. Targeted towards the Hispanic market, these unique seven-night sailings focus on delivering a Latin-flavored experience aboard the AmaMagna. The itinerary is set to sail on October 17, 2024, taking passengers on a captivating journey from Budapest, Hungary, to Vilshofen, Germany.

Unique Features for Spanish-Speaking Guests

This special Cruise is designed to make Spanish-speaking guests feel right at home. The package offers a variety of Spanish-centric amenities and services. For starters, the entire program will be bilingual, including daily excursions led by Spanish-speaking guides. In addition, the cruise will offer daily programs and menus in Spanish.

Engaging Activities and Entertainment

But the cultural infusion doesn't stop at language. Those who join the "Latin Touch" itinerary will enjoy an array of Latin entertainment options onboard. Not to forget the energetic Zumba classes that will help keep travelers active and entertained throughout the journey.

Personalized Services

Leadership at AmaWaterways has expressed excitement over the extension of the "Latin Touch" cruises, emphasizing their commitment to delivering deeply tailored and personalized services to their guests. The aim is to provide an exceptional and memorable River Cruise experience, with a particular focus on meeting the needs of Spanish-speaking travelers.

Discover Fascinating Countries

Travelers who choose the "Latin Touch" itinerary will not only enjoy comfort and entertainment but also have the chance to explore fascinating countries. Sailing from Budapest to Vilshofen means traversing the Danube River, one of Europe’s most historic and scenic waterways. Along the route, guests will have the opportunity to participate in excursions that let them discover local culture, history, and scenery, all guided by knowledgeable Spanish-speaking tour guides.

Final Thoughts

By expanding its "Latin Touch" offerings to a 2024 date, AmaWaterways continues to demonstrate its attentiveness to market demands and its commitment to providing specialized experiences for diverse groups of travelers. With its blend of personalized services, engaging activities, and unique cultural focus, the "Latin Touch" itinerary promises to offer a one-of-a-kind River Cruise experience.

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