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Iceland Volcano Alert, Denmark's Green Tax, Paris Airport Overhaul

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In travel news for November 13, 2023 we talk about the recent volcanic activity in Iceland and the possible effects of travel, Denmark is introducing a new eco-friendly tax on Air Travel, and Frances planned air traffic control upgrade and it’s effect on flights.

Iceland Volcano Alert: Travel Impact & Safety Tips

In response to increased seismic activities, Iceland has witnessed precautionary measures, including the evacuation of Grindavik and temporary closure of the Blue Lagoon spa. The Icelandic Meteorological Office reports a dense swarm of seismic activity near Grindavik, just 10 miles from Keflavik International Airport. While the airport remains operational, areas south and southeast, including major tourist attractions, are now restricted. Travel advisories from the U.S. and U.K. recommend monitoring the situation and avoiding areas of seismic activity. Air France has canceled many flights, and passengers are advised to have comprehensive Travel Insurance and stay informed. Despite these developments, life in Reykjavik and other parts of Iceland continues normally, with international ferries and Cruise operations unaffected. Travelers are encouraged to remain flexible with their plans and seek alternatives if necessary.

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Denmark's Eco-Friendly Tax: Shaping Green Air Travel

Denmark proposes a pioneering green passenger tax on Air Travel, starting in 2025, to support the transition to sustainable aviation fuels by 2030. The tax, amounting to 100 Danish crowns (approximately $14.35 US), varies based on flight distances, with different rates for intra-Europe, medium, and long-distance flights. This initiative aims to generate 1.2 billion crowns annually, half of which will finance Denmark's shift to green fuels such as hydrogen, biofuels, and power-to-X technologies. The remaining funds will aid the elderly. Globally, tourist taxes are increasingly being used to fund sustainability projects, as seen in Amsterdam and Iceland. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) underscores the need for government incentives to boost sustainable aviation fuels, given their high cost and low supply. Denmark's move reflects a global commitment to sustainable aviation practices.

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Paris Flight Changes: 2024 Air Control System Upgrade

France is preparing for a major upgrade of its air traffic control system in early 2024, which will affect Paris’ main airports. The current system, developed in the 1970s, requires modernization to manage the growing air traffic efficiently. This overhaul will result in approximately 16,500 flight cancellations at Charles de Gaulle, Orly, Le Bourget, and Beauvais airports between January 9 and February 14, 2024. Airlines, including Air France, are advised to cut flights by 20% during this period. The upgrade involves a substantial update to nearly 80% of the system and a €1 billion investment. Travelers are advised to stay informed about their flight status, explore flexible booking options, and consider alternative travel arrangements. The upgrade is crucial for enhancing the efficiency and capacity of France’s air traffic control, promising long-term benefits despite the short-term inconveniences.

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