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Viking 2026 Cruises: New Ship & Itineraries!

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Viking Cruises has announced the opening of bookings for its 2026 ocean journeys, responding to high demand from North American passengers. The introduction of the Viking Vesta, set to join the fleet in July 2025, highlights this expansion. Viking Vesta will spend its first season in the Mediterranean and Scandinavia. Over 80 itineraries have been unveiled, including popular routes like Viking Homelands and the Iconic Western Mediterranean Cruise. Viking has also introduced new pre-and post-cruise extensions in cities such as Barcelona and Rome. Additionally, the cruise line has launched the “Discover More” deal, offering discounts on future voyages. With the construction of ten new longships underway, Viking continues to cater to the evolving preferences of travelers, combining luxury, adventure, and cultural immersion in their offerings.

Key Points

  • Booking opens for Viking's 2026 ocean journeys due to high demand.
  • Introduction of the Viking Vesta, a new addition to the ocean fleet.
  • Over 80 itineraries announced, including guest-favorite destinations.

Viking's Early Launch for 2026 Bookings

In response to significant demand from North American passengers, Viking has announced the early opening of bookings for its 2026 ocean journeys. This decision follows the quick sell-out of many 2024 dates and the rapid sale of 2025 departures.

Viking Vesta: A New Addition to the Fleet

Viking also introduced the Viking Vesta, its newest ocean ship, set to join the fleet in July 2025. This 998-guest sister ship will sail popular routes in the Mediterranean and Scandinavia during its inaugural season, offering travelers new opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Diverse and Exciting Itineraries

For 2026, Viking has unveiled over 80 itineraries, catering to a wide range of traveler interests. Among these, the Viking Homelands, a 15-day voyage between Stockholm, Sweden, and Bergen, Norway, remains a favorite. This itinerary includes stops in Berlin, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Norway; and a journey through the Norwegian Fjords.

The 8-day Iconic Western Mediterranean Cruise, traveling from Barcelona, Spain, to Rome, Italy, is another sought-after short itinerary. It features stops in Montpellier, France; Marseille, France; Monte Carlo, Monaco; and Florence, Italy.

Other popular 2026 itineraries include the 10-day Empires of the Mediterranean from Venice, Italy, to Athens, Greece; the 15-day British Isles Explorer from Bergen to London, England; and the 11-day West Indies Explorer sailing roundtrip from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Enhancing the Cruise Experience with Extensions

Viking has also introduced six new pre-and post-cruise “extensions” available in Barcelona, Istanbul, London, Rome, Stockholm, and Venice. These three-night extensions include exclusive museum admissions, guided city Tours, local cuisine experiences, culinary workshops, and market visits. More than 45% of Viking clients favor adding these extensions to their voyages.

Anticipation for Viking Vesta

The Viking Vesta is nearing completion at Italy's Fincantieri shipyard and will weigh approximately 54,300 gross tonnes. Its debut season will feature the 8-day Iconic Western Mediterranean journey, the 8-day Journey to Antiquities, and the Iceland, British Isles, and Iberia tour.

Future Plans

Viking is looking forward to the arrival of ten new longships currently under construction, with their keel laying ceremony held in December 2023 at the Neptun Werft shipyard in Rostock, Germany.

Final Thoughts

The announcement of Viking's 2026 ocean journey bookings and the introduction of the Viking Vesta signal an exciting era for Cruise enthusiasts. With a diverse range of itineraries and the addition of new ships, Viking continues to cater to the evolving preferences of travelers, combining luxury, adventure, and cultural immersion. As Viking expands its offerings, these developments not only promise enriching travel experiences but also underscore the cruise line's commitment to meeting and exceeding the expectations of its guests.

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