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MSC Meraviglia

Developing a reputation as one of the leading players in the global Cruise market, MSC Cruises is known for its engineering marvels and innovative vaksel design. One of its highlight vessels is the MSC Meraviglia, a cruise ship that raises the standard of luxury holidays on water. With her maiden voyage undertaken in 2017, the modernity and glamour of the MSC Meraviglia are evident in every superbly crafted detail. This article delves into the exceptional amenities and exciting travel opportunities offered on this state-of-the-art luxury liner.

The Appealing Design of MSC Meraviglia

Drawing your gaze from the outside, the MSC Meraviglia impresses with a complete length of 1034-feet and a gross tonnage of 167,600. She stands at 20-decks tall, with passenger facilities spreading across 15 of these levels. Housing an impressive 4500 guests and manned by 1544 crew members, the ship sings a symphony of gracious design and engineering brilliance.

On venturing inside, the wide high-tech LED dome, which is the lengthiest LED Sky Screen at Sea projecting dazzling visuals, is one of the first jaw-dropping experiences onboard. Structured in the likes of a floating Italian town, the Galleria Meraviglia constitutes a 96m long central promenade filled with boutiques, restaurants and tranquil spots to relax.


The MSC Meraviglia offers a variety of stateroom styles, catering to differing budgets and needs. They range from inside cabins to luxury suites, thereby accommodating different passenger demographic. The standard interior cabins, albeit smaller, are quite comfortable and offer a restful space. The balcony staterooms bring the enticing panorama of the ocean to the comfort of your room and feel brighter and larger. Additionally, they have a sitting area along with a well-equipped bathroom that comes with a shower.

However, the gem in the crown of the MSC Meraviglia is undoubtedly the MSC Yacht Club, which is an exclusive area boasting the vibe and services of a private yacht within the larger ship. This 'ship within a ship' concept provides an intimate feel with a private pool, lounge, and restaurant.

Culinary Delights

An integral part of travel and onboard experience is the culinary adventure. The MSC Meraviglia offers a feast of flavours from around the world. The main dining venues on the ship are Waves, L’Olive Dorée and L’Olive Noire. They serve up a splendid variety of Mediterranean and International cuisines during lunch and dinner.

For those looking to experiment, there are speciality restaurants onboard to elevate the dining experience. Eataly - Ristorante Italiano, offers the best of Italian food and wine. Butcher's Cut is an American-style steakhouse, presenting juicy, prime cuts. And Kaito Teppanyaki Restaurant & Sushi Bar serves up Asian cuisine in an unforgettable theatrical atmosphere.

Recreational and Entertainment Options

A good vacation is also about fun and recreation. The MSC Meraviglia cuts no corners in this regard. The ship features an impressive array of entertainment options, including Carousel Lounge which showcases exclusive Cirque du Soleil at Sea performances. The TV Studio and Bar is a multi-purpose high tech theatre; while the Casino Imperiale is ready to give Vegas a run for its money. Also, the Polar Aquapark, one of the most intricate and exciting water parks at sea, presents fantastic aquatic delights for all ages.

If you're more into rejuvenation and tranquillity, the MSC Aurea Spa is the perfect wellness retreat. Offering a range of treatments, steam rooms and a thermal area, this is a sanctuary of serenity amidst the buzz of the ship.

The Marvel of Sustainable Travel

As we become more aware of the necessity to protect our planet, the MSC Meraviglia stands out for its commitment to sustainability. MSC Cruises has integrated an array of technologies and practices in the ship design to minimise their environmental footprint. Meraviglia uses advanced waste treatment, reduced CO2 emissions, and energy-saving lighting and heating systems to name a few.

MSC Meraviglia gives new definition to elegance and sophistication, blending the perfect mix of comfort, luxury and recreation, all while being cognizant about minimising environmental impact. It's indeed a ship that offers a unique experience, making travel more than an exploration of destinations, but a journey to be cherished in itself.

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