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MSC Preziosa

The MSC Preziosa is an elegant and sophisticated Cruise ship from MSC Cruises. This exquisite ship offers a distinct blend of comfort, style, and hospitality, guaranteed to create unforgettable travel experiences. Its design and features exude a regal charm, reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance, while providing a taste of the modern world with its world-class facilities and services.


The MSC Preziosa is a spectacle of architectural prowess, spanning a length of approximately 1,094 feet, with a total of 18 decks, 14 of them being passenger decks. It boasts a weight of approximately 139,072 tons and can accommodate over 4,345 passengers along with 1,370 crew members, finely highlighting its extravaganza and enormity. The ship’s interior and exterior were tastefully designed by De Jorio Design International, imparting a luxurious ambience that mesmerizes its guests.

The ship's opulent grand lobby showcasing the Swarovski grand staircase, and the Main Lounge, is a hauntingly beautiful vista worth beholding. The Swarovski Crystal stairs seem to shimmer and dance under soft lighting, while the expansive Main Lounge bathed in natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows creates a resplendent atmosphere.


MSC Preziosa offers a selection of different cabin categories, each reflecting an unrivalled level of comfort and luxury. This includes the spacious Balcony cabins, designed with a private balcony, providing a great ocean view. The premium Super Family cabins accommodate larger families by connecting two triple cabins with two bathrooms, offering extra convenience. The Wellness Suite, a new notion introduced by MSC Cruises, integrates a fresh health and wellness lifestyle into your voyage, promising a rejuvenating cruising experience.

Still, the crown jewel in the expansive list of accommodation options on the MSC Preziosa is the MSC Yacht Club. The MSC Yacht Club is a private area that offers the pinnacle of luxury at sea. It is designed reminiscent of a private yacht within the Cruise ship, complete with breathtaking suites, a 24-hour butler service, and even private shopping.


The MSC Preziosa takes guests on a true culinary adventure, offering a delectable array of food and drinks that appeal to all palates. The ship has multiple dining venues, including a sushi bar, Eataly Steakhouse, and a cafè, alongside the traditional dining halls. The Galaxy Disco restaurant offers a unique, blending fine dining with late-night dancing.

Beyond gastronomic pleasures, MSC Preziosa offers world-class entertainment. From the grand theatre, casino, and bowling to the 4D cinema and a formula one simulator, the array of entertainment options leaves guests spoilt for choice. The Vertigo and Doremi Water Park, touted as one of the longest water slides at sea, promises bouts of adrenaline-filled joy for thrill-seekers.


Health and well-being are paramount aboard MSC Preziosa. The onboard MSC Aurea SPA replenishes the body and soul with a fascinating range of treatments and services, including massages, facials, aromatherapy, and a fitness centre equipped with modern workout machines. The open-air sports facilities offer a chance to stay active, with a jogging track, basketball, and volleyball courts, while the multiple pools and sun decks allow for a relaxing swim or bask under the sun.


With its experienced crew, the MSC Preziosa is committed to providing exceptional service to its guests. Beyond its commitment to guest excellence, what sets it apart is its sustainability commitment. MSC Cruises puts sustainability at the core of its operations. Onboard the Preziosa, advanced wastewater treatment, energy and waste management, and recycling practices signify MSC Cruises' unyielding dedication to minimizing its environmental footprint.

In conclusion, MSC Preziosa is a perfect embrace of luxury, comfort, and striking design – a floating marvel that delivers exceptional maritime experiences. Cruising with MSC Preziosa stands as an exquisite exploration of the world, with boundless delights to discover and enjoy at each turn.

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