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MSC Seashore

MSC Seashore is not a common everyday term, but for those in the travel and maritime industry, it draws inspiration and admiration. An illustrious part of MSC Cruises' fleet, this prodigious afloat city represents the best in engineering, design, hospitality, and onboard experiences.

Vessel Overview

Launched in 2021, the MSC Seashore is the pioneer among MSC Cruises' Seaside EVO class cruise ships, flaunting the most modern and innovative maritime and guest-centric amenities. His advanced design features include a redesigned super-amphitheater stern, an augmented "Bridge of Sighs," an extended waterfront promenade, and new spaces on the bow and stern that increase exposure to the sea by 16%.

The MSC Seashore is a majestic ship with 339 meters in length, 41 meters in width, and a gross tonnage of about 170,000 tons. It provides accommodation for 5,877 guests, with a crew of about 1,648 to cater to their needs. Constructed by the Fincantieri Company, this Cruise ship embodies a precise balance of elegance, innovation, and environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Operations

Environmental sustainability is a core commitment of MSC Cruises, and the MSC Seashore embodies this pledge in its operational blueprint. This ship has been fitted with an Advanced Wastewater Treatment system with purification standards that surpass most wastewater treatment facilities worldwide. The ship also utilizes Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems that remove 98% of sulfur dioxide and greatly reduce particulate matter. Additionally, the ship is piloting under-water radiated noise management systems to minimize potential effects on marine life.

Onboard Amenities

Stepping aboard the MSC Seashore, one will encounter an array of extraordinary luxuries spread across its 22 decks. It encompasses beautifully styled, spacious accommodations with over 10 types of cabins to choose from. These include stylish suites with private hot tubs, balcony cabins, family accommodations, wellness cabins, and the opulent MSC Yacht Club luxury suites.

The MSC Seashore's dining portfolio is a culinary voyage, offering 12 different dining venues featuring international and Mediterranean cuisine. From five specialty restaurants, including a sushi bar and a teppanyaki grill, to five main dining rooms and 19 smart bars and lounges, every culinary preference can be perfectly matched.

Keeping in tune with modern trends, the MSC Seashore offers a seashore theatre along with a series of interactive displays, a virtual games arcade, an F1 simulator, a multi-purpose karaoke bar, comedy club, TV studio & Bar, a full-sized bowling alley, and a dance studio.

For fitness and relaxation enthusiasts, the ship encompasses a state-of-the-art gym, an MSC Aurea Spa offering both traditional and exotic treatments, and five stunning pools, including an indoor pool and the awe-inspiring ‘Long Island Pool.’

Entertainment and Activities

Onboard activities form the heartbeat of MSC Seashore, ensuring an unforgettable journey for travelers. Entertainment options include Broadway-style shows at the stunning two-deck theater, action-packed Casino Veneziano, nightly live music, parties, and dance classes. For younger guests, MSC Seashore also has dedicated Kids and Teens clubs teaming up with Lego and Chicco.

The ship's noteworthy "MSC for Me" digital innovation program offers a tailor-made experience, directing guests to the perfect events and activities that align with their preferences.

Exploring Destinations

One of the essential aspects of Cruise vacations on the MSC Seashore is the variety of fascinating destinations guests can explore. Its maiden voyages expand across the glistening waters of the Mediterranean to sought-after ports like Barcelona, Marseille, Genoa, Naples, Messina, and Valetta.

Overall, a voyage aboard the MSC Seashore can feel like a journey into a perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and luxury offering an opportunity to enjoy an unparalleled travelogue across the sea.

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