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Passport Delays in the U.S., and a Reduction in Flights to New York, and a New No Fly List

Travel News for March 27, 2023 - Updates on the continued Protests in France and it's effect on travel, U.S. Passports are facing more delays, and the F.A.A. is reducing the number of flights into New York.

Proposed U.S. Law Targets Unruly Airline Passengers to Enhance Safety

US lawmakers have proposed a new law, known as the "Protection from Abusive Passengers Act," which would establish a no-fly list for airline passengers who have been fined or convicted of severe acts of physical violence. The proposed legislation aims to prevent disruptive passengers from boarding commercial flights, thereby enhancing the safety of crew members and passengers. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would be responsible for administering the no-fly list and establishing guidelines for removing individuals from the list based on the severity of their offense. The proposed law has received support from flight attendants representing major U.S. airlines, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, and the Air Line Pilots Association. However, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has expressed opposition to the establishment of a no-fly list for unruly passengers, citing concerns over discriminatory practices. The proposed legislation follows a surge of incidents involving unruly passengers, including physical violence towards crew members, in-flight disturbances, and attempts to open emergency exits mid-flight.

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FAA Urges Airlines to Cut Flights: How Will It Impact New York Travelers?

The FAA has recently requested airlines to reduce the number of flights in response to staffing shortages and increased delays at New York's airports. The decision comes after a series of disruptions experienced last summer, which left passengers facing significant travel delays. Reducing flight numbers may alleviate some pressure on the FAA and its air traffic controllers, but it could also lead to higher ticket prices for travelers due to decreased availability. Travelers flying in and out of New York should be prepared for potential delays and higher costs, as well as possible changes to their flight schedules. As airlines continue to navigate the ongoing challenges, passengers are advised to stay informed about any updates related to their flights and be prepared to adjust their travel plans accordingly.

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US Passport Delays: What Travelers Need to Know & How Travel Insurance Can Help

As the US State Department faces a backlog of passport applications, travelers are experiencing significant delays in obtaining their passports. This has led to an increased risk of trip cancellations or changes for those waiting on their passports to arrive. To minimize potential financial losses, it is recommended that travelers purchase Travel Insurance covering trip cancellations in case their passports do not arrive in time. Moreover, individuals planning international trips should apply for their passports as early as possible and consider expedited services if necessary. Travelers are also encouraged to closely monitor the status of their passport applications and stay informed about any updates. As the State Department works to address the backlog, travelers should remain patient and prepared to adjust their travel plans if needed.

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