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Europe Faces Travel Disruptions Amid Multiple Strikes

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Travelers across Europe will be encountering significant disruptions throughout the summer due to a series of strikes affecting airports and public transportation. As workers protest over pay and working conditions, the travel landscape is becoming increasingly challenging for travelers and locals alike.

Key Points

  • Strikes scheduled at Milan Linate and Bergamo Orio al Serio airports on July 21.
  • London Gatwick Airport strikes postponed pending a vote on a new pay offer.
  • Strikes in Glasgow and Aberdeen airports likely to hit security processing from mid-June.
  • Antalya Airport in Türkiye facing major delays due to air traffic controllers' Strike.
  • Potential disruptions during the Paris Olympics.
  • Public transport Strikes in the Netherlands planned for September.

Airport Strikes in Italy

In Italy, travelers should prepare for potential disruptions at Milan Linate Airport (LIN) and Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport (BGY) on July 21, as workers plan to Strike between 1-5pm. This follows a walkout on July 5 that affected airports across the country. However, due to restrictions, no further strikes are allowed in the transport sector between July 27 and September 5, minimizing late-summer disruptions.

UK Airport Strikes Postponed

Workers at London Gatwick Airport (LGW) were set to Strike over pay disputes, but the action has been temporarily postponed as employees vote on a new pay offer. Originally planned for July 12-14 and July 18-21, the strike would have affected security and passenger services. If the pay dispute remains unresolved, further action could occur during the busy summer travel period.

Potential Strikes in Scotland

Workers at Glasgow Airport (GLA) and Aberdeen International Airport (ABZ) have voted in favor of Strike action, with dates yet to be announced. If these strikes proceed, they are expected to impact security processing. Travelers should stay updated on developments to plan their journeys accordingly. Disruptions here could also affect connecting flights and cause delays for travelers heading to other destinations.

Antalya Airport Delays in Türkiye

Antalya Airport (AYT) in Turkiye is experiencing significant delays due to a Strike by air traffic controllers over pay and working conditions. This work-to-rule strike, affecting around 50 percent of flights, is expected to continue until July 14. Travelers should anticipate delays and check with their airlines for the latest information. These disruptions could also have a ripple effect, causing delays for flights to and from other international destinations.

Potential Disruptions During Paris Olympics

There are concerns about potential strikes during the Paris Olympics. A seven-month strike notice has been issued that could impact the bus and metro networks, including during the Olympic Games. The French Senate is considering a bill to ban transportation strikes during major events, but it has yet to be approved. If the strikes proceed, they could significantly affect transportation for both athletes and spectators during the Games.

Dutch Public Transport Strikes

A public transport Strike in the Netherlands is set for September 12, affecting services in major cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam. This action is linked to workers' demands for early retirement options in physically demanding jobs, ahead of the Cabinet's budget Proposal. More strikes could follow if their demands are not met. These disruptions could affect not only local commuters but also international travelers relying on public transport to navigate these major cities.

Final Thoughts

Travelers in Europe should brace for potential disruptions due to ongoing and upcoming strikes across various sectors. It is crucial to stay informed through official channels and plan travel arrangements accordingly. While these strikes aim to address important worker issues, the impact on travel cannot be overlooked. By staying updated and flexible, travelers can navigate these challenges and continue to enjoy their journeys across this diverse continent.

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