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MSC Opera

Welcome to the magical world aboard the MSC Opera, a magnificent Cruise ship that encapsulates the luxury and charm of the Mediterranean way of life. This Italian beauty is a gem of the MSC Cruises fleet, offering unforgettable voyages on the high seas that have no match anywhere in the world.

The MSC Opera - A Brief Overview

The MSC Opera first launched in 2004 under the flag of Panama. Part of the Lirica class of ships, the MSC Opera is a marvel in advanced maritime technology and thoughtfully curated ship design. She weighs approximately 65,591 tons, has a length of 824 feet (251 m), and a depth of 38 feet (11.5 m). At full capacity, the ship can accommodate 2,679 passengers and an approximate crew of 721. These numbers make the Opera not the largest in the MSC fleet, but she is certainly one of the most inviting and comfortable sea vessels in operation today.

Onboard Amenities and Facilities

The MSC Opera features a plethora of top-tier amenities and facilities to ensure your journey is as much about the voyage as the destination itself. An array of stylish and pleasantly appointed cabins are available, ranging from comfortable interior cabins to luxurious suites with private balconies.

She boasts restaurants offering exceptional culinary experiences, where you can savour mouth-watering delicacies spanning the globe, from Italian to Asian cuisine and everything in-between. Each dish is expertly prepared by world-class chefs, with special dietary needs catered to with utmost care.

When it comes to entertainment, the MSC Opera is second to none. Guests can enjoy a manifold of thrilling stage performances in the modern theatre, or a night at the ship's Las Vegas-styled casino and the disco area. The ship also promises an interactive experience for children and teens with dedicated clubs and gaming areas.

And what better way to relax than by indulging in some 'me-time' at relaxing wellness areas. The MSC Opera has a well-equipped gym, spa, and a range of wellness services to ensure you are at your best on your journey.

Travel Destinations

Adventure-seekers will be glad to know that the MSC Opera traverses many exciting routes. The ship takes passengers on Tours across the Mediterranean, visiting iconic cities, beautiful islands, and exotic locales. Whether you're inclined towards the history of Greece or the vibrant atmosphere of Spain, you'll find a sailing that complements your taste. The northern Europe voyage is also a notable highlight, with routes including the Baltic cities, Norway, and the British Isles. During special holiday seasons, the ship offers themed cruises like Christmas and New Year’s voyages that circle the Caribbean.

Sustainability Commitments

The MSC Opera combines luxury with responsibility. Committed to sustainability and preserving marine ecosystems, recently, the ship has undergone significant upgrades to align with new maritime environmental standards. Notable improvements include systems for the reduction of sulphur emissions, better waste management processes, and energy-efficient solutions. These enhancements ensure that every voyage respects the natural environment to the fullest.

Service and Hospitality

The MSC Opera prides itself on its impeccable hospitality and service standards. The empathetic crew are at your service round the clock, attending to your needs with the typical Mediterranean flair. Whether it’s assistance, information, or friendly banter you are looking for, you will always find someone ready to help on the MSC Opera.


In summation, the MSC Opera is more than just a Cruise ship – it is a floating city, offering endless services, experiences and amenities found in the world's most luxurious resorts. There's an atmosphere of cheerful relaxation throughout, making each sailing a memorable one. Whether you're planning a family adventure, a romantic voyage, a solo trip, or a theme cruise, there's no better way to travel than aboard the MSC Opera. Come onboard and experience the enchantment of the seas in Mediterranean style. Be captivated by the charm of the MSC Opera and create unforgettable memories at sea. Experience the grandeur today, and create enchanting stories to reminisce forever.

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