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2024's Ultimate Cruise Adventures: Europe, South America & Mediterranean

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In travel news for November 16, 2023 we talk about Uniworld unveiling their new luxury rail-cruise European Tours for 2024, Holland America Lines 2025 - 2026 South America and Antartica cruises, and Windstar’s unique winter Mediterranean voyages for the late 2023 and early 2024 season.

Uniworld Unveils New Luxury Rail-Cruise Europe Tours

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises is expanding its luxurious offerings with new rail-cruise itineraries in Europe for 2024 and beyond. These extended journeys, lasting up to 19 days, integrate destinations such as Istanbul, the Balkans, Greece, and Eastern European countries. The itineraries are designed to provide immersive experiences, combining rail journeys with river cruises. Highlights include the 17-day Venice, Istanbul & the Balkans itinerary, the 14-day Grand Alpine & Enchanting Danube, and the 15-day Delightful Danube & the Castles of Transylvania. Each route offers unique cultural and scenic explorations, from visiting Macedonia and Bulgaria to cruising on the Upper Danube. Uniworld is also extending its global presence with more departures for the 16-day Sacred Ganges & the Maharajas' Express in India. These expansions cater to the growing demand for longer, more enriching Luxury Travel experiences.

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Holland America's 2025-26 South America Cruises Open

Holland America Line has opened bookings for its 2025-2026 South America and Antarctica season, featuring cruises up to 22 days long. The itineraries on Holland Americas Oosterdam include destinations such as Iguazu Falls, Machu Picchu, and Torres del Paine National Park, along with scenic Antarctic exploration. Highlights are the 14-day South America Passage, 17-day Panama Canal and Inca Discovery, and 22-day South America and Antarctica itineraries. These cruises offer visits to 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites and Biosphere Reserves, showcasing significant cultural and ecological landmarks. The line emphasizes authentic local experiences both onboard and ashore, with regional cuisine and cultural activities. Additionally, Holland America offers an early booking "Have It All" package with various perks. These voyages provide a deep connection to South America’s vibrant landscapes and cultures, offering a mix of adventure, luxury, and cultural immersion.

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Windstar's Unique Winter Mediterranean Voyages 2023-24

Windstar Cruises introduces "Legendary Winter in the Mediterranean" from December 2023 to March 2024, offering a unique perspective on Mediterranean travel during the quieter winter months. Sailing on the all-suite Star Legend, the itineraries include visits to Rome, Barcelona, Nice, Florence, and Marseille. The cruises focus on cultural richness and seasonal festivities, with highlights including Christmas in Rome, New Year’s Eve in Barcelona, and the Carnaval in Nice. The 7-day journeys allow for intimate explorations of each city's unique offerings, from thermal baths in Barcelona to the Vatican in Rome. Onboard, guests can enjoy luxurious amenities, gourmet dining experiences in partnership with the James Beard Foundation, and personalized service. Windstar's winter Mediterranean voyages offer an escape from the usual, providing an intimate and enriching travel experience distinct from the usual tourist season.

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