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Uniworld Unveils New Luxury Rail-Cruise Europe Tours

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In travel news for November 16, 2023 we talk about Uniworld unveiling their new luxury rail-cruise European Tours for 2024.

The world of Luxury Travel is evolving, with extravagant trips becoming more sought-after. In response, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises is poised to cater to this trend in 2024 and beyond, unveiling a series of rail-cruise itineraries across Europe. This move is part of a major expansion strategy in partnership with Golden Eagle Danube Express, aiming to bring new destinations into the Uniworld fold.

Key Points

  • Uniworld Boutique River Cruises expands Luxury Travel offerings in Europe.
  • New rail-cruise itineraries include destinations like Istanbul, the Balkans, and Greece.
  • Itineraries range from 14 to 19 days, offering extensive, immersive experiences.

Diverse Destinations and Extended Itineraries

Building on its previous two-year success with Cruise and rail journeys, Uniworld is now introducing more comprehensive itineraries. These include destinations such as Istanbul, the Balkans, and Greece - a response to high demand and guest feedback. The new offerings are structured to provide longer, more immersive luxury experiences, with trips extending up to 19 days.

For instance, the 17-day Venice, Istanbul & the Balkans itinerary, and the 19-day Milan, Venice, Istanbul & the Balkans journey, navigate through Eastern Europe, touching Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, and the Greek seafront in Thessaloniki. Extensions to Lake Como and Lake Lugano in Switzerland further enrich these experiences.

In-Depth European Exploration

Each itinerary is meticulously crafted for an in-depth exploration of European culture and landscapes. The 14-day Grand Alpine & Enchanting Danube itinerary, for example, starts with a Cruise on the Upper Danube, followed by a rail journey covering Austria, Italy, and Slovenia, with an option to extend the trip to Prague.

Similarly, the 15-day Grand Alpine & Jewels of the Veneto offers a voyage through the Venetian Lagoon, contrasting the Danube experience. The 15-day Delightful Danube & the Castles of Transylvania, spanning from Istanbul to Nuremberg, introduces travelers to the diverse cultures of Romania, Hungary, Turkiye, and Bulgaria.

Expanding Beyond Europe

Uniworld is not just focusing on Europe. The line has increased departure dates for its 16-day Sacred Ganges & the Maharajas' Express, an exotic journey from Kolkata to New Delhi, demonstrating their commitment to offering diverse, global Luxury Travel experiences.

Final Thoughts

Uniworld's expanded rail-cruise itineraries in Europe mark a significant development in Luxury Travel. Catering to the rising demand for longer, more immersive journeys, these trips offer travelers a unique blend of cultural exploration and luxury. The inclusion of destinations such as Istanbul, the Balkans, and Greece, coupled with the option of exploring beyond Europe, positions Uniworld as a leading player in the evolving landscape of luxury travel.

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